Who said you have to live with

National Credit Auditors, Inc.

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These downloadable documents have been provided so that you may see what is involved in the credit cleanup process.
Step two of your credit cleanup (after calling National Credit Auditors, Inc., of course!) is to obtain your credit reports. These documents will help you in the process.
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Who said you have to live with

If You Have:

  • Been Denied Credit
  • Been Denied a Credit Card
  • Been Denied an Apartment or Housing for Credit Reasons
  • Credit Card Turndowns
  • Collections Against You
  • Late Payments
  • Filed for Bankruptcy
  • Experienced Tax Liens
  • Been Sued for Judgements
  • Charge-offs
  • Negative Public Record Information
  • Auto Loan Turndown
  • Been Offered Only Higher-than-Normal Rate on Home Refinancing, Due to Credit History
  • Been Denied a Home Loan

We Can Help!

Regardless of what you have heard from the credit bureaus, your credit reports are NOT written in stone. Many items you thought would follow you the rest of your life can be LEGALLY removed or improved on your credit record! (Federal Fair Trade Reporting Act)

National Credit Auditors, Inc.

“The company that helps good people overcome bad credit experiences.”

NCA has been helping people in Oregon and the Washington area since 1990. We are a licensed and bonded credit services organization company (Reg. #90004, Department of Consumer and Business Services, State of Oregon).

Are you getting frustrated that your past credit problem just keeps raising its ugly head, causing turndown, after turndown? It’s all because of the information that’s on those credit reports. Information the credit bureaus say must stay on your report for 7-10 years. (This is an error. There is no law that an item must be reported and remain for 7-10 years.)

Are landlords and apartment complexes turning you down... auto dealers saying no, or coming back with offers that are just a hair away from being illegal? Credit card companies rejecting your application?

Call us! Let’s talk. We have a program that will put those problems behind you. There are a lot of programs claiming to assist the credit-challenged, but not like this one! It addresses the root of the problem: your credit reports!

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National Credit Auditors, Inc.
(360) 883-0054 • Fax (360) 397-0413
P.O. Box 55757 • Portland • Oregon 97238

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